About Sankara

Sankara: Sankara originates from a former African leader called Thomas Sankara with great visions on sustainability, sharing and selflessness. Sankara (the platform) is basically materializing those values and visions using the internet and great multicultural food.

Sankara is an online multicultural food marketplace, where you buy authentic ethnic food directly from chefs. No four wall brick infrastructure is needed. You buy just the food without the overhead.
Weekend is a Sankara category that allows you to buy your authentic food on Sundays. You can be creative with your weekend plans with this category. Orders are accumulated from Monday to Friday, and then cooked and delivered on Sundays. In this way, there is zero food waste. You are basically raising funds for a chef to make his magic on Sundays for your community shared benefit!
Catering is similar to weekend but on the go with 1 to 2 days notice, depending ont the cuisine. Use this category to order multicultural food for your meetings, private and public events, etc. Buy for many using catering. Discounts are given as the number of orders increase.
We are currently only delivering within Saint John. That said, we are seeking opportunities to expand out of Saint John. Email us if you live out of Saint John and would like to have Sankara: info@sankaracuisine.comn
Right here! On Sankara. Place your order, and wait for your food. Made with love and passion. For assistance,

For Sankara Users

Sankara User: is you, the person looking for delicious authentic ethnic cuisine or something different from a local chef.

Delivery time depends on the category you choose. With Weekend Category, you get your food on the weekend (Sunday). With Catering, you get your food (in most cases 1 to 2 day(s)) depending on the vendor(s) you are buying from.
You order by adding to pot, checking out your order, and paying at delivery. Future paypents will be through paypal. Your transaction (credit card or not) is handled on PayPal. For assistance, contact us:
Yes. In Saint John, you can pickup your order in 3 places; West(in progress), North(in progress) and East(in progress). Show the cashier your order confirmation email and pickup your food. We are currently talking to different businesses to establish partnership allowing you to pick up your food near you.
Yes, you can contact us by email ( and phone (506-233-2070) for customized orders.

For Sankara Vendors

Sankara Vendor: is you the passionate cook/chef/food entrepreneur who makes ethnic cuisines, and seeking for ways to make extra cash or run Sankara on full time basis. Sometime too, you are a passionate entrepreneur and want to move/sell produce/arts/food from point X to your local community. Welcome foodie!

You can signup for Sankara right here on online. A typical Sankara chef/vendor/food entrepreneur knows how to make their unique traditional cuisine, has a food permit license (depending on the Food Handling legislation in your location), and has time to cook at least once er weekend. Sankara is also opened to local small multicultural food restaurants.
Once you sign up as a chef/vendor on Sankara, go ahead and create your first menu (weekend or Catering). Sankara team will review your posting and publish it on the website for customers to start buying your item. To date, all of our vendors have received at least 30 orders and at most 300 orders from Sankara. Once you sign up as a vendor on Sankara, you also benefit from other off-line selling channels such as Sankara Events, Sankara Pop-Ups, public market locations, Sankara Box, and much more.
To answer this question, we invite you to view Sankara as a City Market, but online. When you go to the market, you can see many businesses with their individual brands. Same applies with Sankara. Whether you already have your own website or not, Sankara offers you a no cost opportunity to broaden your market reach. So customers will see you brand (business name), your name and selling stats. We also encourage and support vendors to promote their businesses in person (marketing flyers, posters, etc) or on social media.
No, your personnal informaiton is not available for customers to view. On your vendor profile, the customers can see your name, country of origin, your offerings, and selling statistics. Your phone number, email, address and other personnal information are kept out of public view.
No, this will not conflict with Sankara. All of our vendors have different goals and reasons for joining our online market. Most importantly, vendors join Sankara because it is a no cost means to start selling your food in your community. Sankara is a streamlined version of having a restaurant or a market stall. Your customers buy the food without the overhead of traditional restaurants. Some other vendors join Sankara for market expansion, market validation, product introduction, and others just want to cook on weekends and make extra cash. They don't want the commitment of running a full blown restaurant. Others just like cooking up great meal and sharing with their community.
No, your item will be not be diluted by other vendors' offerings. Whether you sell with Sankara or not, there is always direct or indirect competition. The benefit of selling on Sankara is that as a new vendor, you benefit from established marketing efforts and optimized operations to date. For an old venfor, you benefit from your brand reputation you have built so far with Sankara. The more people buy and like your food, the more likely your business will grow, irrespective of other vendors.
No, there is no sign-up or renting fee. You don't pay Sankara for using the platform. For Weekend and Catering, the customer does this on your behalf by paying a small commission to Sankara, as they place their order. That is it! So if your soup is posted for $5, you will be paid $5. For Sankara Events, we take a percentage of the overall ticket sell to support the event.
Sankara team is available 24/7 to help you out. You can reach us by phone at 506-233-2070 or by email at
Once you sign-up as vendor/chef on Sankara, our team will send you some starter kit supplies for free. This starter kit might include items like organic food packages, paper bags, Sankara t-shirt, flyers, and much more. From here, you can either continue re-ordering our supplies or purchase your own supplies. We encourage our vendors/chefs to use environmentally friendly minimalistic packaging.
To keep our services consistent across the different multicultural cuisines, we use a brown Sankara bag to deliver all orders to customers. Vendors are encouraged to include their marketing flyers inside this bag.

For Sankara Business Partners

Sankara Business Partner: is you the established business (e.g. bar, school, startup, corporate entity, charity or non-for-profit organization, etc) and would like to join force with Sankara, to achieve a sustainable goal.

Sankara is always open to partner with local and international businesses in achieving a mutually sustainable goal. For example, we have partnered in the past with local bars, galleries, artists, music bands, event venues, and charity foundations in the past. Contact us by phone at 506-233-2070 or by email
Sankara, as a diversity hub and market, can enrich your space/business with this diversity. As our founding principle, we partner with individuals to help further achieve their goals. We are there to enrich whatever you are already doing. As you become successful from this mutual sustainable partnership, we too are successful!
You are more than welcomed to contact our team to bring Sankara to your city. We like people who share and understand our passion. Contact us by phone at 506-233-2070 or by email at
You are more than welcomed to contact our team to partner for charity events. Contact us by phone at 506-233-2070 or by email at
Why Sankara Cuisine

Sankara is a shared marketplace where both customers and chefs/vendors benefit buying and selling authentic ethnic cuisines.

Customers buy food directly from the chefs while chefs benefit from selling on a multicultural marketplace. Customers come to Sankara to buy ethnic food. As a vendor, your food could be one of them!


As our name indicates, we are driven by the aspirations of the African revolutionary Thomas Sankara. Our goal is in two folds: As a platform we aim to provide food which is:

  • Diverse
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Healthy

Join Us

We are currently seeking interested partners to collaborate with us to achieve our vision and goals.

If you’re proud to stand behind your traditional and cultural cuisine , bring it to the Sankara Cuisine platform and lets grow this Sankara Idea/Project.

Send us a message or give us a call!

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